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   SYDNEY BASED, Euro Glass & Aluminium Pty Ltd provides realistic, high strength (thick alloy) & superior quality, structural vertical bar aluminium or glass insert balustrade systems crafted with passion,superior design and tasteful aesthetics. We custom make unique, seamless & proportional looking balustrade's, as we are constantly striving beyond excellence. Everything we produce is built in accordance to meet & exceed our stringent Australian Standards for your complete & utter safety as there are no second chances....

   We install across the Sydney metropolitan region, Central coast,South coast,Southern Highlands & most Regional area's (Please call to discuss) .Generally speaking working in & amongst the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, We pride ourselves on all our product range as realistically there really is no better option out there within the market place when it comes to extreme & proper build quality. From the very first time you see the real deal, you will automatically know that you have come to the right place as no one can build a better product than we do & that's our promise to you...so when comparing price & product, I urge you to go right ahead & visit a few others from within our Industry to gain quotes etc, gain what information you can & then organise an app't to pop by & see for yourself that we are totally who'm we say we are in regards to real quality & work ethics....(P:1300558911)

   Our balustrade system profiles can only be purchased through our designated  & exclusive supplier, as our complete system is by no means a basic stock item like you would find on the shelves of many aluminium suppliers within Sydney meaning that if you like our balustrade or any aluminium system that we produce,you can only purchase this product through EGA.. This in fact separates the men from the boys and determines the finish & real quality that you, as our customer deserve. & shall receive !!!

  Our commitment to extreme quality & achievable high standards is always well above your expectations as it is I who have to have the last say in regards to the quality control before it leaves our production facility..Honestly,If you have had issues in the past with tradesman in general and have no more trust left aside for us within the Building & Construction Industry, I urge you to give us a call & we'll earn that trust & good will back in return for a happy smiling customer on completion of our job-that was taken away from you in the past!

   If your'e extremely fussy &  don't want the headache's nor want to become a statistic of sub normal horrific workmanship than simply send us an e-mail or give us a call as we love to have you on board....

Master Craftsmen

  Due to the way our aluminium profiles are actually manufactured, We have the ability to conceal stainless fixing screws to provide your aluminium vertical bar design balustrade system to uphold a weld-free exterior to each particular vertical baluster, providing seamless clean lines to your balustrade aesthetics. NOTE: When inspecting your proposed balustrade product from elsewhere,take note about how terrible the vertical bar welding looks like  & imagine it being non-existent like all our product's..... Please call for an inspection of our balustrade products on 1300 558 911. You shall more then likely find a clients balustrade being produced at our facility & that alone will tell you more then a thousand words of mine can ever explain in terms of realistic job quality..!

In nearly all cases we prefer to weld the optional nominated top rail to the frame in long spans to suit the application so that it also becomes an easier install procedure if you prefer to have your railing's built to suit a supply only scenario. 

 If a supply only scenario is nominated by you our customer, we do the forward thinking within our workshop in terms of concealing as much as possible & manufacturing specialised base plates to suit every application prior to the powder coating process, so that the installation procedure will only take a fractional amount of time on site, for the perfect end result !

Our range of balustrade systems

Please refer to our Services Page for more information and images of our standard designs.

Type  A -  Glass Balustrades/Glass Balustrading

  Our standard fully framed glass balustrade system is the design platform that will most likely be used on your residential home or strata balcony area. It is the most cost effective glass balustrade option available, while still maintaining strength, style and functionality. 
When it comes to all our balustrade designs, the top rail is optional. You may nominate a top rail of your choice to be applied at the manufacturing stage of the job. Panel spans from posts to post centres will be made in accordance to glass material thickness nominated for the application & of course the BCA (Building Codes Of Australia).

Type  B -  Glass Balustrades/Glass Balustrading

   Just like our traditional  Type-A glass balustrade/railing design, we manufacture custom made panels to suit unique and specific requirements. You may choose to replace the clear toughened glass inserts with any type of coloured, textured or architectural glass to add unique style to your home, nursing home,hotel or strata related complex.

 Please refer to the above mentioned text (R/H side) in the vertical baluster systems, illustrating we can have applied laser cut profiles to fit to the underside of the top rail as we have always preferred to keep things simple but if you persist,knowingly we may help you in your quest for the best.

 *Generally speaking we prefer to have all our jobs fixed via core hole fixing as this is without a doubt the very ultimate in all fixing methods unless stated otherwise by the owner or architect... .

Type C & D - Vertical Baluster Systems 

 Our above mentioned standard Type-D product complete aluminium vertical baluster systems is without doubt the desired system & consist's of a range of optional top rail's depending on the aesthetics you desire... 
If your wanting to add a feature within the portion to the underside of the top rail (as per Versace attachment applied below), I'd think twice before doing so, unless we may laser cut the profile out of pure alloy rather than the cast aluminium products as the cast aluminium product will well & truly tend to oxidise at a later stage not knowing specifically when (white powdery substance appears) & the powder coating eventually flakes off in that general area due to cast aluminium being used in place of the real deal (pure aluminium).
Note: If you're looking for the ideal uniquely &  well built railing for your newly built or renovated home, then head straight to our Contact Us Page and send through a quote request, at your leisure.  Alternatively if you would like to have a brief discussion over the phone prior to making your final decision, call us on  1300 558 911 as were always here to help!

Type E - Semi Frameless Balustrade Design 

Our semi frameless design, consisting of 50mm round or square post nature, is one of our more upmarket styles of balustrade that can easily be customised with any colour using either a hard anodised finish or a Dulux powder coated finish of your choice to suit the colour theme you have happening at your property so that when your new railing has been installed it shall blend in quite nicely with the the rest of your decor & surrounding street scape. Depending on your property’s distance from a salt water environment, we can provide an Anodised finish for a more durable result, which is also available in various colours. This particular design, as a balustrade system must contain a top rail in order to comply with today's  standards unless its installed at a drop of less than 1m from FFL (finished floor level) as per the photo show's above. 

This particular system is also easily manufactured for pool fencing enclosures and is obviously cheaper than a 12mm  frameless glass pool fence. Our frameless pool gate set up, combined with long lasting magna-latch accessories, is extremely tough and durable & highly recommended for high wind load area's as you have tall posts that contain the structural integrity the glass fencing needs to sustain the battering it receives.. It meets Australian Standards and is covered by a 8 year warranty period. For Type E systems, glass panel spans are very important as your chosen glass material thickness will initiate what panel spans may be achievable to comply with relevant codes of practice. Glass options include 6, 8 or 10mm toughened glass....

The Queenslander

  We are proud to offer new balustrade-railing systems for customers who would like to achieve a really appealing Queenslander picket style aesthetic for their external balcony  or entertaining area. These area's are traditionally made up of complete timber post's & panels that WILL No Doubt rot over time, costing you plenty of money and not to mention losing your weekends over maintenance issues etc,  But no need to worry - we have developed a balustrade system using structural aluminium that closely replicates your existing timber profiles, but without the expensive & thorough maintenance issues that go alongside owning a timber feature such as this... 

  Your options for width of vertical baluster's are 38,65,80 & 100 mm infill widths. The amount of verticals may be discussed and put into action - this system also looks neat in a clustered format with approximately 60mm spacing between each vertical baluster. We can even provide you with 2 x unique aesthetic fixing procedures that complement the original timber deck & roof structure scenario. This means that you can still achieve a beautiful and uniform aesthetic across your whole property without sacrificing on quality. All balustrade fixings are made of stainless steel whether your property is located inland or coastal.
90mm slat
Call us today on 1300 558 911 for more advice about your particular balustrade requirements!
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